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Reasons-to-use-a-WordPress-website Reasons to use a Wordpress website

Reasons to use a WordPress website

What are the reasons to use a WordPress website? Since its introduction in 2003, WordPress has had a meteoric rise. Once a niche blogging platform, it now powers everything from small business websites, right through to websites run by global brands. If you’re considering a new website, check out WordPress.

Reasons to use a WordPress website

Here are a few reasons to use a WordPress website:

Templates and themes – a starting position

WordPress offers a multitude of templates and themes. This means you can kick start the design your website and be up and running quickly. Templates by their nature often mean compromise, but when you’re embroiled in creating a website you often sweat the small stuff and miss the bigger picture. For this reason, a template offers a great way of getting your new website off to a flying start.

Easy editing

Once you’ve got your head around the basics, navigating your way around WordPress and editing content is pretty easy. This means you don’t need a techie every time you need to make a change or publish a new page or upload some new content. Staying on the theme of editing, the reasons to use a WordPress website also include the ability to preview your changes across multiple browsers (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari) and devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile) before you hit the ‘publish’ button.


WordPress is open-source. This has resulted in the creation of a wide range of complementary plugins. There are over 40,000 WordPress plugins available. They offer a variety of functionality that includes; SEO, security and e-commerce. As you would expect, the quality of plugins vary. However, by in large, they work, and work well. For example, we  recently used the plugin WP Forms. It offers a simple drag and drop user-interface for the creation of website forms. While there was a bit of techie SMTP stuff to sort to out, to our delight it was a breeze and is currently powering a landing page for one of our clients.

Search Engine Optimisation

There’s no getting away from it, SEO is an important factor when creating a new website. For this reason, WordPress provides a range of powerful tools and plugins to help. Yoast is the most used SEO plugin and is often preloaded as part of the intital WordPress installation. But it isn’t the only relevant plugin. There are others that help with image optimisation, wesbite speed and linked building. These tools provide intuitive, user friendly interfaces, which means you don’t have to be a marketing guru to optimise your website. If  you want your website to rank highly then professional SEO marketing is the way forward.


According to a recent government report, almost half of all UK firms have been subject to a cyber attack or breach. For this reason, every company large and small, needs to put security at the top of the agenda when creating a new website. In the past, WordPress has had security issues though it’s widely regarded that if WordPress security best practices are followed then it is a secure platform.

Low cost

Set up, customisation and maintenance costs are low. WordPress is free, hosting is widely available and installation is quick and easy. Making changes, publishing content and creating new web pages can all be done by non-techies. This means anyone within your business can effectively manage the day to day running of your website.

Mobile friendly

The purpose and the target audience of your website are vital considerations. So to should be the way your website performs on mobile. Google places high importance on your website’s performance on mobile. So much so that they provide specific tools to test  mobile friendliness. For this reason, WordPress can provide a powerful platform. A range of plugins are available to help make your optimise your website for mobile.

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