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Marketing Strategy – Digital and traditional marketing. The case for convergence Analog marketing and digital marketing. The case for convergence

Digital and Analog marketing convergence

According to research from HubSpot in relation to marketing strategy, “61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic search presence are their top inbound marketing priorities”. This is just one of many statistics that show the importance of digital marketing on marketing strategies. While it shines a light on where marketing experts are shining their light, it casts a dark shadow on some of the more traditional marketing doors (analog marketing) that have been left unopened since the days before digital marketing arrived on the scene. The question here is: are any of them still valid?

The importance of a solid digital marketing strategy doesn’t even need to be stated. Businesses that have an integrated digital presence are already well on their way to achieving the conversion rates they’ve sought after for years.

In its wake, some of the more traditional marketing activities have largely been left behind. Why? In simple terms; digital has the potential to reach more of the right people, for less cost. A compelling reason, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Marketing Strategy – The case for convergence of digital and some forms of traditional marketing

However, for some businesses it’s not so straightforward, especially, the higher up the B2B value chain you go, where more often than not, it’s about personal engagement with customers and prospects.

The case for analog marketing and digital marketing convergence
The case for analogy marketing and digital marketing convergence.

You might be thinking, “Nah, you’re crazy. It’s all about the internet and mobile marketing, man.” But hear me out. These days, our data is gathered from our internet usage and even from what we say to our friends when we’re so much as near our phones and laptops.

The result is personalised ads that often seem to know what we want. In recent years programmatic advertising has added yet another layer to the personalisation of digital advertising. But some forms of analog marketing have the potential to take personalisation a step further, making customers feel they are personally known and valued.


The goal of analog marketing in a digital age is to be direct, personal and targeted. It needs to create a connection. Now, doing that is far more easily stated than done. To succeed in that goal, you have to be creative and use lateral thinking to create an analog marketing strategy that works. Better still, using that kind of thinking and creativity in both facets of your marketing strategy, digital and analog, can result in marketing campaigns that helps your business stand out amongst your competitors.

Check out #notestostrangers on Instagram. It’s quite radical approach, and I’m not condoning the use of such ‘urban’ tactics, but the convergence of analog and digital is exactly the kind of creative thinking I’m talking about.

It’s also interesting to see how some of the new breed of millennial-based Blockchain start-ups are marketing themselves. There emphasis is on building community and participation.

So, analog marketing is not dead, and digital marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. When employed together correctly, and strategically, these two strategies converge and have the potential to create something very special.

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