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B2B Social Media Strategy

B2B Social Media Strategy

A B2B social media strategy is not only desirable, it’s essential for several reasons. Firstly, presence on social media is now an expectation. It’s a bit like websites were a few years, you just had to have one. There are also three more strategic reasons why, irrespective as to whether you’re a large business or ...
Brand strategy in the context of competitor research

Delusions of inferiority – brand strategy

Competitor research is a business fundamental. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, a thorough understanding of your competitors is essential in devising business strategy, brand strategy, product positioning, optimising sales channels and the implementation of successful marketing campaigns. But can the focus on competitors be taken too far? Furthermore, in this digital age, where ...
Analog marketing and digital marketing. The case for convergence

Digital and Analog marketing convergence

According to research from HubSpot in relation to marketing strategy, “61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic search presence are their top inbound marketing priorities”. This is just one of many statistics that show the importance of digital marketing on marketing strategies. While it shines a light on where marketing experts are ...