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Best-Practice-Contact-Us-Page Best practice contact us page I hear you ask. We are the direct pathway for your clients or customers. One of the most important things on your site

Best Practice Contact Us Page

Best practice contact us page I hear you ask. Well, web experts are always falling over themselves to tell you what the most important thing is to have on your site, when they should be getting their eyes checked because they overlook the obvious.

Streaming video seems to be the IN thing at the moment, and rightly so. However, there is a steadfast thing that since the first coder took time away from playing solitaire and minesweeper to code the first website using notepad that gets little attention…Contact Us page.

That’s right! My name is ‘Cusp’. Short for Contact Us Page and my friends and I are sick and tired of not being giving the respect we deserve. Look, we are not saying that our other brothers and sisters that make up the other pages of your website aren’t important. We are just saying that we are just as important, if not more so! We are the direct pathway for your clients or customers or that attractive person that you once saw in the café that you dream might randomly contact you through your website because you were too scared to talk to them. Spoiler alert, that’s not going to happen.

You might just think that we are a “simple” page, but how dare you! The “About Us” page might humanise you to the audience, but we ARE you. Don’t even get me started on the twins, you know, Privacy and Terms & Conditions? They walk around like they are so great, but no one even reads them!

It is for this reason, and many others, that we are going to stop working like a plugin after a WordPress update, unless our demands are met! Best practice Contact Us page you want…

We demand our rightful place, at the top!

Contact pages should not be regulated to a submenu under “About Us” or should we only be included in the footer menu! We are the foot soldiers for no one! We should take pride at the top of the page! Bright like a shining star, and as bold as sending a picture of you speeding to a police officer. Not only that, but we want to be on EVERY page, not just the home page. We want to be able to be found all over your website, like one of those old-school pop-up boxes, but not as annoying.

Keep it simple, stupid!

Sure, it would be kinda cool to have a streaming song or a background video of a panda doing the moonwalk, but all the flash and glam can make it hard for some people to use me. Keep me on point! Phone, email, chat and address! That’s it. You can add a map, but that’s it. Oh, and if you are one of those people that put your own WEB ADDRESS URL on the contact page…to the page they are already on? You need to take a good hard look at yourself!

Said it once, now redial!

Mobile, landline, VOIP, smoke signals, flare gun, two tin cans and a bit of rope, whatever you use as a phone. Have it on the page. You can’t make a sale unless they can contact you. Contact forms are nice, but they will be almost 85% filled up with servings of SPAM.

Eat spam!

I know I said that Contact Us forms will attract a lot of SPAM, but there are ways of dealing with that. Like an automatic spam cannon. Sounds cool, but it makes a mess. Get some Google Captcha if need be. Some folks love them, a good Contact Us form!

Alternative methods of contacting us

If you have a signal that they can shine onto a passing cloud and you come swinging in like Batman, then you need to have that one your site! Also, beware, you might get sued by DC Comics. Every way that you can be contacted should be on the Contact Us page. If it isn’t? Is it really a contact of yours? Makes you think? Not too hard. I don’t want you to cramp.

Help them out!

Look, I don’t give shout outs to other pages often, but FAQ is pretty cool and helpful. It’s like they know questions I didn’t even know I was going to ask, and they already have the answers! Make sure the FAQ is readily available from the Contact Us page, just like your ex’s number on a public toilet wall.

Be polite, you animal!

Finally, there is one page I think is just as important as me. It’s my cousin the Thank You page. What? Did your parents not teach you manners? You should always thank people to contacting you. The fact that I had to tell you that, means it already might be to late for the human race. Oh, and make sure on the Thank You page that you set your customer’s expectations – tell them what happens now, including timescales. You wouldn’t want them buzzing around your competitor websites would you.

Would it hurt to share? 

Finally, finally, this one is it. Best practice Contact us Page also means putting easy to use social media links on your Contact Us page so that your visitors can easily look at what you have to say on social media, while they wait for you to get back to them. After all, social media is the modern word of mouth.

So these are our demands! You have 24 hours to meet them or we are going to relocated to GeoCities Archive and retire early. We’ll do it!  You’ve been warned!

Best practice Contact Us page 

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