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It is a fact, social media marketing has changed the way companies and brands interact with their customers. In addition, digital channels, including your website and social media, are increasingly the first point of call when customers seek information about your company, your products and how you compare with your competitors. Furthermore, they provide an insight into what you’re like to do business with. According to research from Accenture 94% of B2B buyers conduct some form of online research before purchasing.

Social media can put you in control of the messages your business wants to be known. Consequently, it can help you reach various audiences and increase customer loyalty and advocacy. Managed correctly, it also helps build brand awareness and supports competitive positioning. Furthermore, social media marketing can also be an effective tool in supporting new business activity and lead generation.

We offer a range of social media marketing and social media management services including:

  • Twitter marketing and management
  • LinkedIn marketing and management
  • Facebook marketing and management
  • Instagram marketing and management


Prioritising social media platforms is an important aspect in devising a social media strategy. Unless you’re prepared to invest considerable time, effort and money, adopting a degree on pragmatism is essential. This means focusing on the key platforms, the platforms your target audiences frequent most. Traditionally, B2B social media priorities are; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

We help businesses create winning social media marketing strategies through integrated social media management, content marketing and digital marketing. We transform your social media into an engaging, intelligent, entertaining and highly valued channels based upon commercially-driven objectives.

Outsourced Social media management

Our advice is to avoid the temptation to be tactical. Instead, devise a social media strategy that is  based on delivering real value. Creating the right social media strategy for your business can be done quickly and affordably. Let us take the reins and transform your social media activity into activity that delivers commercially-driven objectives.


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