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Digital Marketing

It is true, digital marketing has the potential to transform your brand and marketing activities. The benefits of digital include better results, the ability to reach wider audiences, improved efficiencies and importantly, the ability to measure ROI and performance.
Digital marketing includes several elements which interact through a cohesive, joined-up digital marketing strategy. These elements include:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO) – the process by which you seek to improve the ranking of your website within search engines.
  • Paid search – also known as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is the paid search listings that appear on Google (and other search engines) based upon keywords that you’ve bidded on. Digital marketing typically aligns PPC and SEO.
  • Remarketing – have you ever visited a website, say to buy a pair of shoes, and then adverts of the shoes you’ve browsed follow you around the internet? Well that’s Remarketing.
  • Display advertising – also known as banner advertising, relates to adverts that are displayed on various websites.
  • Content marketing – is a broad subject within digital marketing. In summary, it is the production and marketing of content such as articles, blogs, imagery, guides and video across social media, websites, advertising and email.
  • Programmatic display advertising – is automated real-time bidding that is used to display adverts (banners) and video. It differs from display advertising as the ads can often mimic the content of the website that the adverts are being displayed on.
  • Social media marketing – is the management of social media platforms to improve engagement (followers, likes, views, clicks, shares) through paid and organic social media activity.
  • Website – within digital marketing your company website is often the key hub for content, visitors and buying activity.
  • Email marketing – can be a high performing channel of digital marketing. The challenge for some firms is how to rebuild or grow email marketing post-GDPR.
  • Mobile marketing – uses SMS, adverts, social media and apps that specifically target smartphone and tablet users.
  • Online PR – can either be a replacement or complementary to traditional public relations, using online media, social media and advertising.
  • Marketing automation – is the use of software to automate marketing campaigns based either on pre-set activities or a buyer’s behaviour.

Digital marketing – we maximise the results

We help firms implement digital marketing strategies and campaigns that get results. Whatever your budget, digital marketing has the potential to positively transform your brand and your sales pipeline. Digital also means it’s measurable and controllable – if something is working well, it can be increased. If something isn’t working so well, it can be changed or stopped, immediately.

We plan and deploy the right marketing strategy based upon your specific business objectives. This often means the use of both digital marketing and traditional marketing (analog marketing) to maximise overall results.